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Kick off meeting

The Kick of meeting took place in October 30th and November 1st, 2019, in Oslo, Norway.

During the kick-off meeting of the project all partners drew a common understanding of the objectives of the project, conducted a detailed preview of the project work plan, specified rules and responsibilities and defined the procedures for communication.

More specifically we proceeded in the:

  1. establishment of a detailed guide which includes:
    – The workplan and timeline.
    – The budget for the implementation of the project activities according to the tasks
    performed by each partner.
    – Distribution of responsibilities and tasks among partners.
    – Appointment of the Quality Control Board members.
    – Listing of the project indicators and impacts to be achieved.
  2. delivery of the Project Management and Implementation Action Plan (PMIAP), including the templates for the reports, guidelines for management, administrative work and financial control.
  3. finalization of an outline of the proposed dissemination activities and multiplying events
    addressing the venues, the time, the partners responsible for each activity, ways to promote the project, materials to be produced in the rationale of the proposal, target audience, expected results, communication channels.
  4. establishment of the Quality Management Plan. The plan describes the quality-check
    procedures to ensure high quality of the project outputs and consistency of the work performed within the project.